The Artist

As a Flahute and a Belgian, he was moulded from the soil that has given birth to the greatest artists. Generated by this sacred earth, he might be able, like Jesus as He is present in the apocryphal Gospels, to change a clump of mud into a little bird.

Thanks to his inexhaustible power of invention he masters different techniques, adds a decorative touch to his subjects and approaches nature with an unreserved form of spontaneity. In his case, nature does not imitate art, any more than art imitates nature: Only the in-depth penetration of is creative mind is at play and determines its own rhythm.

He seems to add a second bark to the first layer of bark on tree.
To a root he adds a supplementary shoot and he endows a leaf with the perceptible rustling of an imaginary one - as we all do when we close our eyes and evoke in our minds the image of a forest.
Josť Chapellier is a great painter in the simple meaning of the term: he is simply great.

Jean-Edern Hallier